Peter Pan

projection design: david bengali
associates: katerina vitaly and  david forsee
d3 programmer: jackson cobb
production video: chelsea zalikowski

Second star on the right, and straight on till morning.

Touring to locations across the U.S., this high-flying musical takes audiences from the Darling bedroom past the second-star on the right to Neverland!

Our job as team video included Peter's shape-shifting shadow and swordfights in the song I Gotta Crow, facilitating the high-flying Flight to Neverland, and designing the verdant backdrops of Neverland. I worked as an Associate Designer defining the visual language of the Darling home, Neverland, and creating a full-stage flight sequence from the photorealistic Darling bedroom to a stylized Neverland.

“This kind of playful, thoughtful stagecraft makes you want to see how technology pushes theater into fascinating new realms of design ... [the] projections are beautifully rendered and thankfully lack the artificiality that plagues so many other projection-heavy productions.” – Zac Thriffiley, BroadwayWorld

“[T]he flying sequence designs left the audience breathless. Here we see how technology can really make a time-honored musical a brand new show.” – Herb Merrick, MD Theatre Guide