This is Veruna.

A fictional brand with a real message about the transformative potential of water filtration. I produced, conceptualized, designed, and animated this 30 second spot as part of School of Motion's Explainer Camp


How do we combine a straight-forward call to action with a complex filtration system? Abstraction and an emphasis on water's inherent fluidity. Going from an Earthrise to the depths of the ocean, the goal of this piece was to utilize water's ability to splash, ripple, glimmer, and overtake as a way to explain and engage.


Early design work focused on shape language, textures, and conceptualizing visual metaphors. A particular challenge was how to convey the action of filtering water in an engaging way. Once key moments are established, a throughline of dynamic transitions are laid in to unify the design into a continuous visual story.


All together now. The design called for a notoriously difficult thing to animate: water. Where possible, I optimized the animation process using custom rigs that helped quickly generate fluid trails. Despite these efficiencies some shots, particularly the opening screen wipe, required manual cel animation to get across the finish line.


This process wasn't without a little turbulence, so much thanks to my mentor, Vanvelvet, who provided invaluable feedback as I designed myself out of a few corners. Kudos as well to my instructor, Jake Bartlett, and my cohort of peers. If you liked what you saw, or are curious about a specific shot, feel free to reach out to me here.

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